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Welcome to a Unique World!

We are located 20 minutes from Tucson, I-10 to 83 Sonoita Highway south for 10 miles. 

How would you like to explore a 150 year old "hard rock silver mine"?

We use a rope to lower ourselves down a decline mine shaft (very safe) to the 125' level called the "Blue Room" because the walls are blue from natural mineralization. You can find an area you like to hammer and chisel minerals or ore off the walls. This mine is very unique for many reasons. One is that many of the ceilings are natural caverns. When finished collecting your specimens, we will walk out a horizontal shaft to the outside, and climb back up to the top where we started. 

While other mines and caverns tell you "Do not touch the walls", I want you to touch the walls and ceilings with a hammer and chisel, so you can take home beautiful minerals along with silver ore.  Most Arizonans don't realize that 300 million years ago, the state of Arizona was at the bottom of a sea.  You may find fossils with sea creatures, trilobites and such which have been extinct for over 300 million years.


An AMAZING View - Bring Your Camera!!

When at the top of the mine entrance, you'll be at 5,000' elevation and overlook 500 square miles of conservation land.  Only 4 miles off the main road, thru a canyon, and you're in another world.   Sometimes I watch it rain in Mexico the line of sight is so clear.    Make sure you bring a camera as you have never experienced anything like this before. We've had kids as young as 5 years old take this tour and loved it. Currently installing 2 RV spots for weekend or weekly stays.

Top of Chief Silver Mine
Desert Adventures Vail AZ

After your mine tour, we will take the ATVs out in the desert to another mine area!

You will have the opportunity to pick out beautiful crystals and minerals from the tailings (rock that was taken out of the mine and crushed) pile. After that we will travel to the Flats.  An area where water runs all year round. 


Length of Tours and Prices

Mine tour alone is $60.00 per person, 3 hours.

ATV tour alone is $180.00 per person, 4-6 hours.

Package mine and ATV tour is $200.00 per person, 8 to 10 hours.

If you have your own ATV/UTV, you’re welcome to bring it and use it.  Guided tours available if you have your own ATV or Side x Sides. Cost for guide services is $175.00 for 4-5 hour guide service. You will see some amazing sights in the high desert.

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