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ATV Tours

If you are only taking the ATV tour, we will also start at 8:30am, unless you have certain time constraints.  After you sign a safety waiver, I’ll go over the safety and operational factors about the ATVs you will be riding. All ATVs are fueled up and checked out before each tour and heading out into the high desert.   While traveling along the road getting out to the old mining sites, just look around at the mountain tops and you can easily imagine that there will be dinosaurs around the next corner.  A more vivid imagination, you may think there is an Apache war party in the hills.  As a matter of fact, back in 1876, an Apache war party killed 6 Mexican workers who were cutting firewood to bring back to the old hammer mill at the mining site. 

This truly is the Wild West.


Our first stop will be at some old mine sites.  Put on your knee pads and carry your 5X jeweler’s loupe, pick up rocks with crystals growing on them.  It is truly amazing that these rocks with crystals are on the ground and are free.  At this time, I will go into some history of the old mining sites and area.

We then head out to Cienica Falls where water runs all year round.  Before we get to the falls, we’ll stop about a mile away and I’ll point out where the falls are.  You can easily tell where water is in the desert, just look for the lush green trees. If you bring your wife or girlfriend, I can get some great couples/family photos at the falls.  I take about 20 to 30 photos of the entire tour which will absolutely amaze your friends.

The ATV tour usually lasts 4-6 hours.   Before leaving the falls, we stop at a sandy area and look for pottery shards from where there once was an Indian village. 

Hopefully you’ll see some of the natural desert animals along the ATV tour as well.

Please feel to call - (520) 345-4682  with any questions you may have and to schedule your tour date. Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

August 26A
August 26

Length of Tours and Prices

Mine tour alone is $60.00 per person, 3 hours.

ATV tour alone is $180.00 per person, 4-6 hours.

Package mine and ATV tour is $200.00 per person, 8 to 10 hours.

If you have your own ATV/UTV, you’re welcome to bring it and use it.  Guided tours available if you have your own ATV or Side x Sides. Cost for guide services is $175.00 for 4-5 hour guide service. You will see some amazing sights in the high desert.


Do You Have Pre-Tour Questions?
Or Are You Ready to Book Your Tour?

 Please call - (520) 345-4682  or send an email to to schedule your tour date or to ask pre-tour questions.


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